Low Integrated Reasoning Score: Should You Retake?

by on June 25th, 2015

Integrated ReasoningWe understand your frustration—your complete GMAT scores arrived, and at first glance, they are great. You’ve just started celebrating your success, and then you notice a number that will eat at you until you receive your first business school acceptance letter: your Integrated Reasoning score.

We also understand that you might be tempted to retake your GMAT to get your score up. However, we would advise you that if you’ve scored in the 700s, you might be better served staying put.

Isaac recently walked us through how the Integrated Reasoning section is scored, and also urged that test-takers should save their energy for the Quant and Verbal sections. Additionally, Poets&Quants reported in October that many business school admissions professionals are still unsure of how to use Integrated Reasoning scores in their decision making process.

While we should note that Poets&Quants also reported that a GMAC spokesperson took issue with the findings, stating that GMAC has been partnering with universities to understand how to use an IR score in the application process, we feel confident that if you’re happy with your overall score, it’s probably best to not risk scoring lower a second or third time.

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