720: Should I Retake the GMAT Exam?

by on July 8th, 2015

I just took my GMAT and scored a 720, which I was thrilled about until I saw my verbal score was only in the 66th percentile.

I’m really happy about my score, but I’m also worried that my verbal will turn off the schools to which I’m applying. Should I retake my GMAT to try and improve my verbal?


Unhappy with verbal

First of all, congratulations on your score! Although you’re disappointed with your performance on the verbal section, you should be very proud of your overall score.

With that in mind, what was your study plan leading up to your exam? If you scored this high with minimal preparation, rethink your plan and consider spending the next month or two focusing exclusively on improving your verbal skills. Keep track as you go and if you see steady improvement in your verbal performance, you can then consider retaking your GMAT.

However, if your study plan leading up to your most recent exam was rigid, you should consider staying put. Your 720 is absolutely a score you should be proud of, and by retaking it after a few long months of preparation, you actually run the risk of scoring lower. If this were to happen, you might also send a message to admissions committees that could affect your status negatively. More than likely, though, the schools you’re interested in are looking for students who can manage a company, and are less focused on perfection than you might imagine.

Additionally, you should consider whether the costs of retaking your GMAT outweigh its benefits, especially with your high score in tow. If you find you cannot afford to invest the time or resources in preparing to retake your exam, it might be best to stay put where you are.

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