MBA News: Africa’s Future Business Leaders Fight Corruption

by on August 9th, 2015

From African business schools fighting corruption to the unique traits MBA admissions officers look for in candidates—it’s been another interesting week of MBA news. Keep reading to get the latest stories for aspiring business leaders. As usual, leave your comments below and feel free to tweet.

Fighting corruption through business

Corruption is a problem the world over, but perhaps most of all in developing countries where power and money is often concentrated in the hands of the few. To help combat this, many African business schools have integrated anti-corruption courses into their curricula. One estimate suggests that close to 80% of the continent’s job creation and economic output relies on small and medium-sized businesses. The thinking is that if Africa can produce business leaders capable of identifying and combatting different modes of corruption, the impact on economic growth will prove significant. (Quartz)

What business schools really want to know

In addition to having an outstanding GMAT score, an impressive GPA, compelling letters of recommendation, and relevant work experience, MBA admissions officers want to know how you’ll make an impact on and contribute to their community. You can convey this important aspect of your candidacy in a few ways. For instance, ask yourself whether you have any truly unique skill sets or hobbies in which you excel? Explain to them why this particular MBA program is the best place to achieve your goals and make the school a better place. (U.S. News & World Report)

Financial planning for MBA admissions

The executive director of MBA admissions at Cornell University’s Johnson School has some advice for prospective students: Get your financial ducks all in a row before enrolling. Judi Byers says that by taking this step first, you can then focus all your attention on the various pieces of the application. Conversely, a lack of clarity about your personal finances can distract you from hitting your admissions goals. Another interesting insight from this gatekeeper at one of America’s top MBA programs: While essays are important, you won’t necessarily be eliminated from contention for less than stellar writing. Writing is a skill that can be improved upon—talent and drive, less so. (Poets&Quants)

From the field to the classroom

Has the University of Miami’s School of Business Administration finally gotten right what so many other business schools get wrong? A total of 40 out of 43 students in the school’s Executive MBA for Artists and Athletes are former or current NFL players. These pros are preparing for life after football. The program’s dean says his program will succeed because its intensity and personalization is in tune with player’s lives and motivations. (Bloomberg Businessweek)

The best of the best

You won’t be surprised to learn that some of America’s most successful business leaders and politicians graduated from Harvard Business School. Well, here’s the definitive who’s who list, which includes some familiar names in MBA news: Sheryl Sandberg, Jamie Dimon, Mitt Romney, and George W. Bush. Whether or not you respect these figures, HBS was decisive in the successes of their respective careers. (Business Insider)

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