How Ready Are You for Business School?

by on September 4th, 2015

Let’s talk business school.

If you’re like a lot of aspiring business school students, this won’t be the first time you’ve heard that phrase—and wondered where you stand on the road to an MBA or specialized business degree.

In this and the next four weeks, we’re breaking business school readiness down into stages and offering fun, easy, concrete tools for advancing from one stage to the next.

Maybe you’ve only thought about going to business school up until now, considered if an MBA is right for you, wondered about the actual salary benefits, or put off the idea for when you have more time to plan.

Maybe you’ve done a little digging, investigated the vast and various industries that welcome MBAs with open arms (like energy, tech, health care, to name a few), decided that business school is the way to go, but lost momentum when it came to more concrete decisions—like which program to go to or which standardized test you should take—the GMAT or the GRE.

Maybe you were born for this readiness business when it comes to b-school prep. You’ve built up the right academic or work background, can quote the ROI of your degree in various industries, and want to get that high-powered career or promotion underway yesterday.

No matter where you stand, you’re probably motivated by future career prospects. Thirty-eight percent of prospective business school students go for career enhancement, 34 percent with plans to switch careers, and 28 percent are aspiring entrepreneurs looking to start their own businesses.

So whether you’re just gathering intelligence about the business school experience, already plotting the path toward your future as an MBA, or on the move toward your program of choice, there are still some decisions to make—and a lot of useful information out there to help you make them.

Answer five questions about yourself in our Readiness Quiz to find out how prepared you are for business school and unlock a digital goodie bag of free stats, tips, timelines, testimonials, and handy downloadables—all customized to your specific readiness stage. This info will help you challenge yourself to get to the next stage of readiness, and give you useful tips on how to wrap it all up if you’re almost there.

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