Top College Football Teams by B-School or Why Your Team (and B-School) Sucks!

by on September 5th, 2015

So you’d like to go to business school but … you’d also like to engage in some healthy trash-talking on Saturdays. If you take your college football as seriously as you do your MBA (and you should!) we’ve re-ranked the top ten football programs in the AP Coaches Poll using their respective business school rankings from the US News & World Report to produce this highly accurate, very scientific ranking just in time for college football’s return this week.

Florida State University

Florida State, 39-3 the past three seasons, is expected to be good again. When your coach is named “Jimbo,” you’d better be good. Ranked No. 8 in the AP Coaches Poll, the three-time defending ACC champs will struggle to replace their 27-1 quarterback, Jameis Winston. While currently unranked, the FSU College of Business has multiple MBA options, including an accelerated full-time program that can be completed in a year, a part-time evening program, and multiple online options.

University of Alabama

Alabama lost two games last year, “dropping” its record to 84-11 since 2008. No one feels bad for Alabama. Nick Saban’s SEC favorites are ranked third in the AP Coaches Poll and despite an iffy secondary, are contenders for a national title yet again. The Culverhouse College of Commerce at the University of Alabama offers a full-time MBA, and EMBA, as well as multiple MS and PhD options. In addition to these, the school allows top-performing STEM students to complete an MBA with one additional calendar year. The purpose of the path is to provide high-achieving students with the business knowledge needed to successfully manage high-tech businesses.

Auburn University

The Gus Bus returns on its regular route into the Top 10 bearing a ton of points and Heisman contenders, but no explanation as to what “War Damn Eagle” means. If Auburn’s D holds up, they could vault past ‘Bama on their way to a conference title. Auburn’s Harbert College of Business offers an on-campus MBA, an online, video-based MBA, an EMBA, and a Physicians Executive MBA, where post-residency physicians can gain the needed business acumen to lead a practice, or take on leadership positions in the health care or related industries.

University of Oregon

If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck and changes ridiculous outfits more often than Katy Perry, it’s PAC 12 power The Oregon Ducks. The Oregon MBA, with its four centers of excellence, including the Warsaw Sports Marketing Center and the Finance and Securities Analysis Center, offers a traditional two-year MBA track, as well an accelerated one-year MBA track for students with an undergraduate degree in business, a GMAT score of 600 or better, and a recommended two years of work experience.

Texas Christian University

“Beware the horny toad” is not a warning about off-campus parties, it’s an admonishment to respect the second-ranked TCU Horned Frogs. At the Neeley School of Business, future b-school students can choose from a traditional MBA, a Professional and an Executive MBA, as well as the MBA for Energy Professionals, which capitalizes on TCU’s energy-rich Texas location.

Baylor University

The Baylor Bears mauled opponents in 2013-14, pawing their way to a grisly 22-2 mark, the polar opposite of the 14 losing seasons since 1996. Ok, we’ll stop. The Hankamer School of Business at Baylor offers a 21-month, as well as a 16-month accelerated MBA, in addition to an online MBA option. Students can choose to specialize in Entrepreneurship or Healthcare Administration. MBA students enrolled in the Practicum in Portfolio Management class manage an investment portfolio currently valued around $5 million.

University of Georgia

Georgia football traditions include playing on an ivy-lined field, an adorable bulldog mascot wearing a hat, burying said mascots at said field, and playing in the Outback Bowl. The Terry College of Business at UGA, with its traditional, part-time, and Executive programs, offers several concentrations, including real estate and business analytics to full-time students. Terry also places a special focus on military candidates and boasts a Student Veterans Resource Center.

Michigan State University

Michigan State is Jan Brady. 46-8 in four of last five years sandwiched around a 7-6 in 2012, but second banana in-state to Michigan, Michigan, Michigan! One of the more highly-ranked business programs, the Broad MBA ranks well in both placement of graduates and in degree ROI. Students can choose from a full-time or Executive MBA, and specialize in Supply Chain Management or Human Resources, among several “MBA majors.”

University of Southern California

After an 82-9 stretch at USC was followed by the “Lane Kiffin Era,” college football fans are juuusssttt thrilllllledddd the Trojans are back. Thrilled! Bruh. USC Marshall School of Business, the top-ranked business school among the AP Coaches Poll top-10 football programs, boasts a variety of MBA tracks to suit students’ varied career goals. The International Business Education and Research MBA or IBEAR MBA, is a one-year, accelerated, full time, international MBA program designed for mid career professionals being groomed to assume senior global positions. The Global EMBA allows students to take 10 of their 13 GEMBA sessions on the campus of the Antai College of Economics and Management, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, in downtown Shanghai.

The Ohio State University

What’s round on both ends and high in the middle? No, not Seth Rogen—defending BCS champ and 2015 favorite Ohio State. The Fisher College of Business at OSU is ranked 30th in US News, and attracts almost a third of its entering class of 120 from outside the U.S. Fisher’s intensive two-week immersion into the core leadership, academic and professional foundations of the MBA program prepares students for the MBA experience and participation is required.

Have some trash-talking of your own? Did your school not make the cut? Convince us in the comments below!

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