Launch Your Dream Career: How to Get Past Your Biggest Obstacles

by on September 13th, 2015

In my research with talking to thousands of women stuck in their careers, there are 3 obstacles that are the most common in holding women back from launching their dream careers. I find it best that we just get all this in the open and you become really aware of your roadblocks. Once you know what is holding you back, then you can tackle it and move forward.

So the first step is identifying where you are at right now.

Which of these 3 big obstacles are in between you and your dream career?

1. Time

How to find the time to launch your dream career? This is one of the most common questions and issues I receive. Here are some things that I hear over and over again that you’re dealing with procrastination, there’s more to do than time allows and you’re missing out on your family. You’re really having a hard time finding balance, and you’re really not sure how to carve out “me” time.  You really don’t want to waste your time either and you really want to get this dream career launched fast.

2. Fear

A lot of you are backing off from what you truly want to do because you’re hesitant to be who you really are. You have a fear of being yourself. You’re also losing confidence in yourself. You have a lot of self-doubt and are really scared or feeling guilty to launch your dreams. You are thinking, “Am I really good enough to make my dreams to a reality? Am I ever going to get hired? I’m never going to get hired. I’m never going to be able to launch my dream business.”

You are afraid to dream too BIG. These are the things I’m hearing from you all over and over again. Some of this might ring true for you.

Then there’s also a fear of living up to other people’s expectations and really having lots of constant negative thoughts. What if it doesn’t work?

So all this is your mindset. The good news is we are talking all about this in Love Your Career Formula 2.0 Prep School! You can learn more about getting started in Prep School that starts next week here.

3. Direction

You have so many ideas but you have no solid plan of action and you are really not sure where to begin with launching your dream career. You are fine tuning all your ideas and you want someone who’s going to really help you do that because you are feeling so disorganized. Instead of moving forward, you are just standing still.

I’ve been there too but guess what! Reading this blog post truly is your first step to getting unstuck. The first step in getting unstuck is really identifying where you are at right now. This is your starting point. These are your roadblocks.

So this is what you are battling now but where you want to be I really want you to visualize for a second. Sometimes we never really let ourselves dream. It’s really important that you identify what you want and what your desires are. Not what your “shoulds” are.

The second step to getting unstuck is figuring out what YOU really want and targeting your destination.

It’s all about making a no excuses policy with yourself that you can and will achieve the success you want. This is the one thing I did that made my dream career happen. I want all of you to write this down right now …

Do what you can, from where you are, with everything you’ve got.

I did all I could, with what I had, from where I was. That meant having a 3-month old hanging on my hip who had a tongue tie so I was literally breastfeeding, pumping and then bottle feeding her around the clock. It was crazy but I didn’t give up going in the direction of my dreams with what little time I had.

Earlier on before my daughter was born, I did all I could during business school while working full time to find my dream job as a Professor and then also to launch my dream business. I didn’t have much time or money but I made it work and didn’t let myself give excuses for not achieving the success I knew I could have.

It was all about baby steps and imperfect action. Doing what I could, each day. All I could from where I was. If you do just that, I know you will be a success. But of course having support and accountability is really what’s going to be the tipping point for you and that’s what happened to me too. I realized I couldn’t do it alone. I needed to get a coach, get mentored, get the training I needed and have the accountability as well.

So visualize yourself jumping out of bed and going to work. Even if you don’t exactly know what you want to do yet, it’s ok. Just visualize what your life would be like.

Would you be a happier woman? Would you be more fulfilled and excited about life? Would you have more time for your family and social activities? Would you feel proud to tell someone where you work and what you do? Would you feel alive? All these things are possible no matter where you are at right now.

I’ve been at rock bottom too, stuck in a job I hated with so many personal things not going my way like miscarriages, failed IVF, foreclosures and losing close family members. I know many of you are dealing with major life experiences right now as well.

The one thing that got me through my tough times was staying focused on my dream career and dream life. I knew it was out there for me and that all of my negative life experiences were for some purpose. That’s the only thing that got me through it and look at me here today. Those experiences I will never forget were for a purpose for me now to be much more open about the hard times in my life and not hide. I want to share with you that you can create and live your dream life just like I have no matter what you are going through right now or how hard you think it might be to make a complete change.

For those of you who want to take this to a deeper level and get the same results as Danielle, Cristina, Sarah, and Vivian, Love Your Career Formula 2.0 is here. It is the one and only accelerated dream job launch program and it starts in just a few days!

This program will help you put a plan in place to wake up loving what you do. It will help you build a career on what you enjoy and do something you feel good about while getting paid what you are worth. It will help you determine your calling and purpose in life and then figure out the career you were born to do.

Once you identify in the formula what you were born to do, the formula will take you through a step-by-step process to actually get the job you were born to do. Love Your Career Formula 2.0 helps you become marketable and more confident. It will help you find your dream job being part of a meaningful team, employed by a company that truly appreciates and values the work you do.

We have two different affordable options for you to choose from, self-study or VIP. Both options come with a full orientation package, worksheets, a DISC personality assessment and 50+ training modules all downloadable starting Oct 1st. You have complete education on everything job search related such as discovering your calling, online branding, resumes, time management, social media, salary negotiation, LinkedIn, interviewing and so much more!

Both self study and VIP are invited to LYCF 2.0 Prep School starting Tuesday, Sep 15th which are three incredible and LIVE training nights with me and beautiful workbooks that will prepare you to start the actual program on October 1st.

If you want to join us in Prep School, you can join us for half off (just $25) only until September 15th! Don’t miss out on this ladies!

I can’t wait to get started! See you in Prep School!



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